This play is performed at Jones Playhouse at the University of Washington


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Wedding Band: A Love/Hate Story in Black and White by Alice Childress
September 6 – October 2
The Floyd and Delores Jones Playhouse at The University of Washington
Various Times (*see performance dates below)

Set in 1918, Wedding Band: A Love Hate Story In Black and White tells the story of two lovers — Julia, a black seamstress, and Herman, a white baker — who want to marry in the Jim Crow South. The play poses the question: Can we be strong enough to tell the truth to each other and still love?

The play will be produced at The Floyd and Delores Jones Playhouse at the University of Washington and directed by the festival’s co-curator Valerie Curtis-Newton, director of Intiman’s 2013 production of Alice Childress’ Trouble in Mind.


“Though not well-known, the play’s author, Alice Childress inspires. For decades, she successfully managed to write our humanity in its fullness with wit and honesty,” Curtis-Newton said. “Her plays talk about love and struggle in ways that make us see ourselves and hope to do better. They say, ‘Talk to each other.’ It’s a timely message – even today.”


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