Intiman presents Phillip Chavira as our new Executive Director

Intiman adds a new position as it grows during a year dedicated to intersectionality and strengthening equitable theatre that reflects the Seattle community.


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As Intiman Theatre grows its staff, the organization announces a new Executive Director position to work alongside other leadership, including the new Co-Curator position.

Intiman is thrilled to announce that Phillip Chavira will be filling this new role.

Phillip is a producer and activist with a history of producing Broadway and New York City Non-Profit Theater. In 2016, Chavira received a Tony nomination and made Broadway history co-producing the first all-female cast, director and playwright team on ECLIPSED, the story of five extraordinary women brought together by upheaval in their homeland of Liberia. He brings his knowledge and experience to Intiman as the theatre works to give power to diverse voices and stories.

“My producing motto is ‘Keep Color On Stage’, which means high-level managers hire diverse staff that chose equally inclusive scripts, and find the means to make it happen. I was fortunate to see this decision-making cycle in full effect on the Broadway production of ECLIPSED, where I learned about diversity focus and dedication from Stephen Byrd and Alia Jones Harvey — the only African American full-time Broadway producers,” Chavira said. “I work with artists that support equality and rights for all, and this is why I am joining the Intiman family.  I am so happy to have found a new home at Intiman, and join progressive artists who work daily for equality.”

Chavira joins Producing Artistic Director Andrew Russell and Board President Kevin Malgesini as one of three key partners in leading Intiman, working together to nurture the artistic vitality, financial sustainability and core values of the organization.

The Intiman board of trustees conducted a national search for the position and met candidates both local and from across the United States.

“With his clear mission alignment and strong managerial experience, Phillip was the clear choice to partner with to write the next chapter in Intiman’s long history. We are so excited to welcome him,” Malgesini said. “The last five years have been such an incredible adventure. In 2012, the board made a bold choice in partnering with Andrew Russell to re-imagine Intiman’s operating model. That partnership has been incredibly fruitful and artistically rewarding, yielding 18 major productions and original works and programming. Through increased fiscal stability and a clarified mission we knew it was time to add another partner into the fold as we look ahead.”

2017 is a big year of growth for Intiman. Earlier this year, the theatre announced a partnership with co-curator Sara Porkalob and revealed its 2017 programming plans and focus on intersectionality. To support these commitments, Intiman is currently running a campaign to create community and support around socially progressive theatre in Seattle through their campaign #ShowTheLove.

“Seattle gave me a very warm welcome when I first started at Intiman in 2009 and moved myself from NYC. I cannot wait to support and partner with Phillip as he makes Seattle his home,” Russell said. “Phillip brings a full history of producing with non-profit and commercial theatre, and believes wholeheartedly in the mission and what we’ve been trying to make happen in Seattle over the last five years.”

Throughout his career, Chavira has worked with artistic directors and producers who choose teams and productions that provide diverse employment on and off stage. In 2016, Chavira helped support The Ten Thousand Girls Campaign, which was created to bring underprivileged youth to experience live theater for the first time. Chavira was a Producing Partner at Broadway Production Company Davelle and co-founded non-profit theater company Partly Cloudy People to empower female talent. He also worked as the Global HR Manager at, a digital fabrication studio with urban factories in NYC and London. He has his MBA from Fordham University and BA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He was the recipient of the Black and Hispanic MBA Association 2016 Alumni of the Year.

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