2016 Festival | Stick Fly 


Stick Fly by Lydia R. Diamond
MAY 24 – JUNE 19
Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute | 104 17th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144
Various Times (*see performance dates below)

Stick Fly is a moving and wickedly funny drama that invites the audience to peer into the vacation home and life of an affluent Black family as two brothers introduce their girlfriends to their parents for the first time — at the same time. The LeVays’ relaxing weekend takes a turn as family members clash during conversations about privilege and class and secrets unravel. As characters go through their revelations, Stick Fly shows the joys and struggles of family and the power of connection.

“The play explores the complexity of family and our relationships. It’s our family who holds us up but family also holds us down. We can’t outrun those flaws and strengths,” Stick Fly director Justin Emeka said.

Stick Fly appeared on Broadway in 2012 and the Wall Street Journal called the play “A must see, fascinating, arrestingly fresh.” The play’s author, Lydia R. Diamond is an important, modern voice in American theatre today and explores themes of families, class and identity in her works.

The production will be performed at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute in partnership with the Office of Arts & Culture. This iconic venue is part of Seattle’s new Historic Central Area Arts and Cultural District and serves as an incubator for Black culture and art. Emeka is a University of Washington graduate and former Langston Hughes creative. 

“Going back to Langston for Stick Fly is like a homecoming for me. That’s really where I developed my passion for theatre and where I identified and connected with my community,” Emeka said. “Langston gave the Black community a chance to tell Black stories on stage.”

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