Andrew Russell

Intiman turns 40 this summer and we’re celebrating by launching our new summer theatre festival devoted to the artists you’ve grown to love. We’re proud to welcome you aboard our maiden voyage, and thank you for your patience as we prepare for this journey. We have been busy!

Skipping from Shakespeare, Ibsen, Shanley to Savage, we’ve programmed work that warns: don’t get too comfortable. From the political to the personal, the festival explores the rumblings beneath the surface, the unoccupied life, and the voices of those yet unheard. With the integration of dance, music and drag performance, we’re re-imagining classics and launching epic new spectacles, in the way you’ve come to expect from Intiman.

An army of creative masters worked tirelessly to bring you the diverse and provocative work we’ve chosen to share with you this summer. The artists leading the charge – Dan Savage, Valerie Curtis-Newton, and Allison Narver – bring passion projects with a twist to awaken our theatre, and the acting ensemble features established heavy weights and new forces, twisting and turning to play over 40 roles. Our design ensemble has created a versatile playground on the mainstage to support several shows, and for the first time we’re producing in our intimate studio space.

To our 2011 subscribers, we’re inviting you to be the first to experience this new chapter of Intiman with honorary tickets, and we’ve done our best to keep ticket prices low to introduce new audiences to all we have to offer. The entire 2012 festival has been made possible by over 1,000 supporters, and to you we say over and over again: thank you!

So, come inside, and trail these actors from cramped Verona to the heart of Oslo to Central Park to Seattle’s drag clubs, and witness the fruits of our creative labor. We’ve done the work, and now all we need is you.

So, won’t you join the adventure?


Andrew Russell
Artistic Director

Keri Kellerman
Managing Director

Terry Jones
President, Board of Trustees