IT-Miracle!   198

Hannah Victoria Franklin, Jonathan Pyburn and Burton Curtis in MIRACLE!



Created and directed by Dan Savage

July 7, 2012 – August 25, 2012

You know this writer and activist from The Stranger and the It Gets Better Project, but Dan’s first love was theatre. Dan returned from this theatrical hiatus to create a drag extravaganza that asks what would happen if Helen Keller and the Seattle drag scene of the early 1990s smashed into each other. Raised by a drag queen amidst false lashes and sequined bras, Helen Stellar struggles to find her voice during amateur drag nights at Seattle’s own Brass Connection. Only with the help of a mysterious out-of-town tutor — and an army of divas — will Helen become a show-stopping queen. Miracle! is offensively heartwarming and utterly hilarious, and celebrates the unique voice in us all.

” A drag queen? Given to tantrums? I would expect nothing less.”