This is part of a series about our 2016 Emerging Artists. They will perform selections from three powerful plays by Black women, August 5-7, for Intiman Theatre’s Emerging Artist Showcase. Join us for this free show! LEARN MORE.

Mandy Rose Nichols | Actor

Q: How did you first get involved with theatre?
A:  I played a sheep in a school play. I bleated my little heart out.

Q: Why is theatre important to you?
A:  Theatre, for me, is an immersive dive into the Human Experience – the Human Psyche. I have always been drawn to behavior and the way the mind works. I feel that theatre is a place where people feel safe enough to look into a true mirror and discover things about themselves or society, psychologically, without having anyone “preach” to them. In the theatre environment, the messages and truths being shown are indirect – happening to someone else, somewhere else; people aren’t as threatened and can more readily take those truths home from the theatre. People learn something about themselves. About their neighbor. About their world. The seeds for change are planted. While it may not be immediate, theatre effects this positive change and I NEED to be a part of that.

Q: What excites you about the Emerging Artist Program?
A: We get so stuck in our own mental ruts, even as “artists”. We find things that work for us, tools that fit, abilities we have. I ADORE being around other crazy creative people who think in different ways, in different patterns, make different connections.  I feel like us all rubbing mental shoulders with each other, we’re sharpening each others internal metal. It awakens newness in us. We can sometimes question our validity as an artist, as a person, as a creator – but being around other people who create in different ways, I think, makes you realize YOUR gift is special too – even if it doesn’t look like someone else’s! It creates respect for fellow artists, and ALSO respect for yourself.  I LOVE this!

Q: What is one experience that stands out in the program so far?
A: The inherent compassion and vulnerability in my fellow artists. People can be talented, people can be creative, and that’s GREAT and necessary –  but the way everyone really listens to each other has touched me. Also, the Scavenger Hunt from the first day. Getting lost. Siri SUCKS THE MOSTEST.

Q: What is your biggest inspiration?
A: The Quest for Understanding I think is what drives me more than anything. The (maybe selfish) need to have a better understanding of peoples stories and how I can grow. I think Empathy for our fellow being is my biggest inspiration. I’ve seen it exemplified in certain people throughout my life, and it has always drawn me. How it effects the atmosphere around that person. And how that ability can foster love. It’s made me think “I wanna to be like THAT.”

Mandy Rose is overwhelmingly grateful and excited to be a part of Intiman’s EAP! An actor, voice over artist, puppeteer and storyteller, she is a native of Arizona and graduate of ASU. Some favorite roles include Eponine (Les Mis), Bella Manningham (Angel Street), Joanne (Rent), Catherine (Proof). Seattle favs: Ulysses (Flora & Ulysses – Book-It), 1776 (Dickinson – Reboot). Mandy’s passion is in conveying stories thru the expressive medium of theatre. Let’s make a beautiful story. An ugly story. A sad story. A painful story. A love story.

Join us for our Emerging Artist Showcase August 5-7 at Seattle Repertory Theatre. We will feature selections from three plays: The Owl Answers and A Movie Star Has To Star In Black And White by Adrienne Kennedy and Black Super Hero Magic Mama by Inda Craig-Galván. The show is free and open to the public. RSVP HERE.