Mark Mitchell Headshot_PhotoCreditStevenMillerIntiman is thrilled to welcome renowned artist/designer Mark Mitchell to his first Intiman festival experience, as our Costume Designer for Angels in America Parts 1 & 2.

Mark is an artist, designer, and teacher whose performance and subsequent exhibition of Mark Mitchell:Burial at the Frye Museum in September 2013 drew record attendance and was critically acclaimed. Angels in America is Mark’s return to “legitimate” theater after a break of some 20 very odd years.

Fun Fact: Mark lives in a pagoda with his partner Kurt and their beloved “Boston-like” rescue terrier, Glouchester.


How did you first encounter Angels in America?

I came to Angels through the HBO miniseries production. My partner came home to find me a blubbering mess, and had to fill me in that I had only watched the first part! I am rather an idiot sometimes.

What’s the most challenging project you’ve tackled?

My most challenging project so far has been my Burial collection, which I showed at the Frye Museum in September of 2013. I’ll be returning to Burial II in January 2015, and then that will be my most challenging project to date.

What do you love to do in Seattle?

My favorite things to do in Seattle are gardening and enjoying the fantastic mild weather year-round. I actually prefer the cooler grayer months. They suit my mosslike nature.

Photo Credit: Steven Miller