IT-Hedda Gabler 069

Marya Sea Kaminski in HEDDA GABLER


Hedda Gabler

Directed by Andrew Russell | By Henrik Ibsen

July 5, 2012 – August 25, 2012

This emotional thriller zeroes in on the magnificent Hedda Gabler, as she fights to keep her world from tearing apart. Immediately after returning from her outrageous honeymoon, Hedda is circled by a past lover who has her heart, a wealthy judge who holds her money, and a husband whose baby she secretly carries. Over the course of two days, mysteries, betrayals, and live ammunition go unbridled in Ibsen’s most personal play. Marya Sea Kaminski (Hedda Gabler) combated the primal forces rumbling beneath the surface as Intiman continued its deep tradition of producing Ibesn’s masterpieces in ways that are inventive, dangerous, and scarily close to home.

” It’s a liberation to know that an act of spontaneous courage is yet possible in this world.”