1. We promote diversity of age, education, race, and gender.

Our Emerging Artists this year range from 18 to 41 years old. In the professional theatre world, artists collaborate with people of all ages, and we want to encourage cross-generation collaboration through our program. We have Emerging Artists with BFAs in Theatre, MBAs in Marketing, and even one Certified Medical Laboratory Scientist MLS(ASCP). More than 70% of our participants are people of color, and more than half are women.

2. We train artists today to employ them tomorrow.

There’s been a lot of conversation around Seattle recently about a lack of diversity in casting. That’s why we’ve focused our Emerging Artist program on giving underrepresented artists the tools they need — from headshots to master classes to on-stage experience — to become a vibrant part of our professional community.

Many of our applicants asked us “why” we’re doing this program – in other words, what does Intiman get out of it? As a theatre for the public good, Intiman has created this program to serve the city of Seattle by raising up the next generation of diverse storytellers. It’s also good for us – we hope many of our Emerging Artists will appear on the Intiman stage in future festivals.

3. Artists emerge in all kinds of ways.

Some of our artists are young talent that you’re used to seeing in these kinds of programs. Others are from traditionally underrepresented communities who haven’t emerged on the “mainstream” scene yet. We have established artists exploring theatre for the first time, and just the same we have great theatre artists who are new to Seattle and need to emerge here.

4. We’ll showcase their work.

On August 4-6 at the Center House Theatre, our Emerging Artists will showcase their work with a short play by Lillian Hellman, a new play inspired by Lillian Hellman, and a new work inspired by our 2015 festival theme, “The Hunt is On.”

5. These artists are excited to change the world.

Emerging Artist Arthur Allen shared, “I think humanity can LIVE without art; I’m not entirely sure it can LOVE without it.”

Fellow Emerging Artist Anna Saephon writes, “I can’t wait to work with Intiman because they are giving me this amazing opportunity to learn, grow, create art, pursue my passion, make a difference, and achieve my dreams!”

Pictured: 2015 Emerging Artists Fortuna Gebresellassie, Averil Kelkar, and Pallavi Garg