Permanent Staff

Andrew Russell, Producing Artistic Director
Evan Tucker, Business Director
Christine Bateman, Director of Development and Communications
Jennifer Zeyl, Artistic Producer
Stan Shields, Office Manager
Lily Raabe, Development Manager
Brittany Ludvigsen, Patron Services Manager
Sharlene McCambridge, Accountant
Ali el-Gasseir, Casting Director
Elizabeth Bradley, Strategic and Artistic Consultant

Board of Trustees

Cynthia Huffman, President    
Kevin Malgesini, President-elect  
Daniel Nye, Vice President
Brady Walkinshaw, Vice President
Tim A. West, Vice President 
Joel Bodansky, Treasurer
Katherine Robinson, Secretary
Phil Bereano
Eric Gutierrez
Susan Leavitt
Leticia Lopez
Will Ludlam
Aubri Margason
Kendee Yamaguchi

2015 Seasonal Staff

Crystal Yingling, Emerging Artist Program Producer  
Dan Hudson, Box Office Manager                                                                                 
Jared Roberts, Shop Technical Director                                                                                                              
Pinky Estell, Stage Technical Director
Jerry Goodwin, Properties Master
Andrea Bush, Properties Artisan
Marc Mixon, Master Electrician
Jeremiah Gibson, Lead Audio Engineer   
Alex TrewinMaster Stage Carpenter
Nat Whitten, Stage Properties Lead
K.D. Schill, Wardrobe Supervisor/Stitcher
Candace Frank, Costume Shop Manager
Kelly McDonald, Costume Design Assistant
Bob Franklin, Lighting Design Assistant                                                                                     
Eric Werner, Production Assistant
Julia Trimarco, First Hand/Cutter/Draper     
Holly Kipp, First Hand
Penny McMillian-Hughes, First Hand                                                                                            
Catherine Menkel-Laurence, Stitcher 
Pamela Dirnberger, Stitcher 
Tina Polzin, Producing Apprentice/Marketing Assistant
Sarah Constable, Costume Apprentice
Caitlin Cook, Costume Apprentice
Frances Mylet, Costume Apprentice
Kenny Dutton, Lighting Design Apprentice
Meghan Roche, Sound Design Apprentice
Nate Olson, Properties Apprentice
Adina Katz, Production Apprentice
Lindsay Kujawa,Special Projects Producer
Shannon Erickson Loys,Graphic Designer
Shasti Walsh, Volunteer Coordinator
Dana Masters, Front-of-House Manager
Courtney Meaker, Front-of-House Manager
Meggie Watson, Front-of-House Manager
Britt Coundiff, Box Office Associate
Madie Oldfield, Box Office Associate